Can hearing aids be donated?

Donate a Hearing Aid We accept donations of good quality and good condition behind-the-ear hearing aids from Widex, Resound, Starkey, Phonak, Oticon and Unitron, which can be refurbished for reuse. Those interested in donating used hearing aids of any age, make or model can do so by visiting the Hearing Charities of America donation page. There, you can contact you with questions or complete the online donation form to begin the donation process. Low-cost hearing aids can be purchased at the Lion's Ear.

With this same conviction, Lions have also been a force in providing health care and education to help prevent hearing loss. If they are not, consider whether you would like to purchase an extended warranty for hearing aids to cover any loss or damage. Below you'll find information on how to donate glasses and hearing aids, as well as information on how to receive them if you need them. Because the shape of each person's ear canal is unique, this type of hearing aid cannot be used by someone else unless the custom case is remanufactured, which is not always possible and can be prohibitively expensive.

The Downtown San Diego Lions Club provides referrals for low-income people who need hearing aids and other services. The best way for a person to receive assistance with glasses or hearing aids from Lions International is to contact a local Lions club or district in your area. Mandy's career is guided by her dedication to serving people with hearing loss and her previous experience in research, training and hearing management. Technology is a general term that covers many aspects of hearing aids, such as power supply, programmability, circuit age, and how it works.

For example, the Lions Clubs International Foundation collects hearing aids from its recycling centers, which are located in public places in the community, such as libraries or audiologists' offices. After hearing aids are approved for use, find out if they are covered by any existing manufacturer's warranty.